Photographs at the top of each page.

Just thought I would say, great website and I love the discussions about the historical aspects of HK. Keep it up, it is very informative.

I want to know who takes the photos that you use for the top of the website, they are great. Is there a link to a gallery that I have missed?



Banner photos


Glad to hear you enjoy the site and the photos. I take them when I see something that looks like it will fit the odd shape of a banner photo.

There is a gallery (see link below), or you can just click on any of the banner photos then follow the next / previous links.

regards, MrB

Thanks for that. You have an

Thanks for that. You have an excellent eye for composition. 

I shall be waiting for the Bat Gung Coffee Table Banner Photo book then?

The world's smallest coffee table book

Great idea - at 2" x 6" it'd be just the right size for space-conscious Hong Kong ;-)

New banners gallery

Banner Gallery Page - link broken

I was trying to look up the banner gallery but encountered this error.

Page not found

But I later found it here:


broken link

Thanks for catching that. The .../tid/21 link is a good temporary solution, but I'll get the proper gallery working too after a few other things have been fixed.

The Banner Gallery

The Banner Gallery is working again.