Moving to Hong Kong FAQs

Just been transferred to your company's Hong Kong office? Wondering how to get started changing your whole life? The Batgung and their intelligent and well-informed readers have answers to many of your questions here.

Can I just show up in Hong Kong and find a job?

Question: I know it is very difficult to answer "Can I get a job in HK?" questions, but hopefully this one is generic enough to be workable. I work in IT (several years of networking and unix experience, good certifications, etc.). But I don't speak Cantonese, so will that get in the way of finding an IT job?

Mr B replies: First, you need a visa to work here, or you must already have the right to live and work here. If you need a visa, and you don't speak Cantonese, then unfortunately I think you'll find it difficult. (See also our article on getting a work visa.)  Read more »

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