car parts in hk

anyone got any recommendations for wreckers and performance car shops in hk?

im specifically after strut tower braces (for now, possibly will look into getting other stuff like wheels, seats etc shipped over) and maybe some tacky merchandising for my friends

thanks guys!


Re:car parts in hk

thanks mr b
sorry for my vagueness (?) :oops:

ok, im coming over for a couple of weeks from oz, ill be staying at the great eastern on canton rd in kowloon. my rice bucket is a 180sx :)

Re:car parts in hk

I consulted the Batpor, who told me :

[quote]Apparently without knowing what sort of jam jar this guy drives, its hard to recommend a particular shop. Plus there are some very specialist shops dotted around HK and he may live near to one. Tsuen Wan and Kowloon Bay have some very good places but only if he drives a souped up japanese car preferably a Nissan Skyline or a Mazda RX7 - its a whole new ballgame if he drives a BMW or a brit make car.
Best option is to wander around the car part dealers at one end of Mongkok. Then, after looking around and finding one you can relate to - start asking them for recommendations or referrals.[/quote]