special thanks to all batgungers!

hi guys steamy fresh newbie here :D

just wanna say a big thanks for having such an informative and detailed site!

im planning a short trip to hk in the next couple of weeks, and have been searching for general info but no site has everything in one place. even better, is this site answers the Qs in detail about things you really wanna know, like which is the best shop for (insert product here) instead of just telling ppl to go to mongkok markets :?

hope you dont mind but ive spammed your site addy to a couple other msg forums where ppl were asking about hk :)

i do have one Q tho, see this thread...


keep up the good work guys!

Re:special thanks to all batgungers!

im hoping to meet up with a local friend tho if not ill have to do my best to just wing it :S

tho between this site and the lonely planet guide i think im up for a well packed trip :)

anyone on here happen to like breakbeats by any chance?

if so see you at meat katie on sat. night :D

car parts

:oops: oh dear and ultimately I recommended that you go to Mong Kok! Be brave but take a cantonese speaking friend - I always go with a colleague.