Furniture shopping

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 I have just signed on for an apartment in the midlevels (first time in HK - almost cried converting the monthly rent back into Australian dollars...) and now have the task of furnishing the place from scratch. Besides the staple Ikea (the cornerstone of ex-pat apartments around the world), does anyone have any other tips for furniture shopping in HK?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

G.O.D. stores are worth

  • G.O.D. stores are worth a visit.

  • Pricerite is a cheap and cheerful local chain if the budget is running low.

  • Classified ads. There are regular Expat-leaving sales if you don't mind second-hand. Try Geoexpat, Craigs List (see 'Furniture' under 'For Sale'), and HK Magazine. I think the Sunday edition of the South China Morning Post newspaper has this type of ad too - can anyone confirm?

I've also known people want to take some nice Chinese furniture home with them, so they pay a visit to Macau to buy the reproduction furniture on offer there.


Furniture shopping

Many thanks MrB - greatly appreciated!


according to the tai tai's zhuhai is also a good place to go to as long as you don't mind getting grubby in the process.

Furniture shopping & DIY stuffs

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If you are into DIY maybe you should consider going to the newly opened B&Q in Magabox in Kowloon Bay. I have not been there yet but I heard it's nothing like the local Ikea style of furniture/houseware store.

I have never been to the UK so I really have no idea what the B&Q stores look like. A friend mumbled about the B&Q has a 'Home Depot' field when she went there with her hubby yesterday. I know about Home Depot as I have visited a few when I was working in Los Angeles.

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After visiting during the

After visiting during the weekend, I'd view the new MegaBox B&Q to be similar to IKEA with home & life-style products....with the bonus of more DIY products though. The nice thing is you have everything under one roof & looks to have a integrated business model where interior design, product & labour can be purchased together.

Also, there is a DIY shop called Spotlight, in MegaBox mall as well which sells DIY/Household products.

If you want high quality/antique furniture, you can head over to Horizon Plaza ,South Horizons (Ap Lei Chau).

Ten-Dollar Shops and big box retailers

I just moved to Hong Kong, and I can't seem to find a ten-dollar shop or Jusco basement for discount household goods. Can anyone help me out?

Also, in the U.S., where I haven't driven a car in 8 years, I could still get to big-box retailers like Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Fry's Electronics. All of the HK stores seem to sell the same things (clothes, TVs, and mobile phones), and I'm convinced I'm missing something. Is there a flagship Watsons where I can buy my obscure sunscreen? Is Fortress in Times Square the biggest electronics store in town? Do I have to go to the Wal-Mart in Shenzhen???


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