Teaching jobs in Hong Kong

Hi - After visiting last year and falling in love with the place I have decided to come over from Bonny Scotland next year to work teaching English.  I would ideally like to come over for a month to settle in before finding employment and longer term accomodation, but would I need a work visa before I come or can I get it once I am in the country. 

Any advice on what would be the best option would be appreciated - the month off thing is just a dream but would love it to become a reality.

Stumbled across this website and think it is fantastic guys.

work visa?

Your employer would normally arrange your work visa for you, but as MrB has pointed out (or it may be Mr tall?) you need to be qualified to do a job that most HK people cannot do. For English, you can work in a training centre without the official visa, but then you run the risk of being deported/fined.

Seems the pnet/snet scheme is run by the HK government and it's legal! more here...www.emb.gov.hk

As for just coming to HK beforehand, brits get a 6 month visa free stay as long as they are not working, so no worries on that score.