Gweipo wrote: "btw, I have a lot of hassles with your captcha validation - it takes several tries before it will accept what I've typed...."

Thanks for letting us know. I've switched to a simpler "maths question" captcha. If that still keeps the spam out, we'll use that instead.

Another option is to create an account and login, then there are no captcha's when you add any posts / comments.

regards, MrB

Image captchas are back

Unfortunately the spammers' computers can automatically answer the maths questions, and still add spam comments. So, we've turned on the image captchas back on.

We'll keep watching for updates to the captcha system that will reduce the number of false errors. And a reminder that if you're logged in, you shouldn't see any captchas at all.


Captchas should be fixed

We found that Drupal's captcha module often displayed only part of the captcha text. eg if the text was 6 characters long, you could only see 4, and so it would be impossible to enter the correct text. In a simple test, of 10 captchas displayed, only 4 showed all the text - ie 60% of the time you'd fail even if you correctly typed in all the characters displayed.

We've made some changes, and now the full text is displayed every time. So, hopefully that is the end of the problem - but let us know if you're still having any difficulties.