Salary Equivalent

hi, anyone able to help witha slaray equivalent question.

There's an article on here that says a $60,000 HKD salary per month roughly equates to a £60,000 salary per year in the UK - in terms of lifestyle.. However it was written in 2004.

Anyone able to compare salaries in 2007.. ?

I've been offered $45k per month which seems to be the average for what I do but I have no idea whether thats a liveable wage considering I have a wife and small child

Care to comment?


Salary Equivalent

These may help:

HK$ 45000 per month can make your life not bad in Hong Kong. 

If accommodation & child's education are covered than it is even better.

For reference only: 

Petroleum: HK$ 13.5 per litre un-lead

Coca Cola: HK$ 5 can of 355 ml

Taxi Rate: HK$ 15 first 2 km, then HK$ 1.4 every 0.2 km

Fish & Chips: HK$ 180 from big hotel & HK$ 30 from small restaurant