better to get married?

hi, my boyfriend is offered a hotshot banking job for the year after next in hk. he asked me to move there with him. i am not sure that i wanted to become married... i was thinking about applying for a rotary scholarship for a masters at hku and thus being in a way "financially independent" and able to obtain a visa independently (i.e., not as his dependent). we would be living together of course. although we plan to be together for a long time, the idea of marriage puts me off ideologically. but i realize moving together with someone to a different country could have its benefits becoming married. would you suggest it? would it be possible for me to be a student for 2 years and then marry in hk without any hassle changing my visa? or do you think it would just be easier to be a "dependent" as well as a student?

Easier or better?

If you're married, you'll get the dependant visa. So that is the easier way to get a visa to Hong Kong.

Getting married in Hong Kong is easy too, though I've no idea if you'd face any hassle about converting the visa. Has anyone else been in this situation?

But, it sounds like the big decision is whether it is better to be single or married. That's one for you to make!

Good luck, MrB