Mr Tall,

It's good to have you back from your vacation, but it obviously stirred up some unusual trains of thought.

To round out your thorough analysis of the glandular activities on a Summer's day, there is definitely the risk of over-cooling with Stage 1. You step outside on an extra-humid day expecting to avoid sweating, and find you've acquired a layer of condensation ! (Coming from the UK where condensation on windows is common in the Winter, it was odd to come here and find the buses driving round in Summer with condensation on the outside).

Also, in your list of "special sweats", it's worth mentioning that the Hong Kong market for deodorant is still far from saturated. Yesterday I spent some time queuing behind a man who'd obviously been at Stage 5 for some considerable time, and was happy to share it with the rest of us.


PS Glad to hear you're not going to be wearing a vest (undershirt) any time soon. Hard to trust a man in a vest.

vests & sweat

Mr. B,

My husband has worn a vest (singlet) in the summer all his life and is a very trustworthy man.

He says that it keeps him cooler (by keeping the sweat evenly distributed? I'm not sure of the mechanics or hydrodynamics of it).

He also wears short-sleeved dress shirts in summer which also helps. Lucky for him, most of the time he is not required to wear a tie.

I've noticed on the playground that many local kids have hankies tucked into the back of their shirt to absorb sweat and their mamas or helpers wipe them down frequently. Maybe Mr, T. you should consider this method?



I am very pleased to hear that SKH has not succumbed to the corrupting influences of the cotton undershirt.

Your hanky solution for Mr Tall's predicament is an interesting one. It is true that having the helper swish the hanky around inside the child's shirt from time to time seems to soak up the worst of the problem. However, this solution seems to depend on the swisher being taller than the swishee, thus making it impractical for a man of Mr Tall's imposing stature.

We have not discounted this solution completely though. FamilyB is the proud owner of a bright orange plastic device used for cleaning windows. It's foam insert provides equal if not better absorbent abilities as the hanky, and the extendable handle should overcome any excessive mismatch in height between the above parties.

We shall give your suggestion full consideration at the next Batgung committee meeting.



More on sweat

to guys who are interested in dating local ladies: next time you stop by your girlfriend's place, check out her bathroom cabinets. i bet you won't find one single deodorant stick. as a matter fact, i never saw any local lady picking them up at watsons. is it like the Doritos chips at City Super--products only for whitewashed chinese like me?