Cost of living in Hong Kong?

I am moving to Hong Kong in a year, and am curious about living expenses there.

I know that flats are a little more expensive than apartments in the U.S. but what about other stuff?

1. Electronics - In general this more expensive than the U.S. or is it cheaper or about the same? Lets assume that I didn't goto one of those touristy rip off stores with the big duty free sign.

Now let me focus more on some of my sub group questions

a. Notebooks- This is a big one. I noticed Dell, HP, etc seem to charge $200 more for their noteoboks in HK compared to the U.S. But what about Taiwan made notebooks like Sager? Would they be cheaper in HK or at least the same price?

b. Desktops - Okay this is much easier since I build my own desktops. If I did my shopping right, would I be able to pay the same amount or less for a desktop in HK with comparable parts to one I built in the U.S.?

c. Monitors, scanners, cameras, etc - What is everyone's experience with these? Again assuming I do some smart shopping, do you think I can get away with paying the same or less for a device in HK and stiff get all the accessories that normally come with the product?

2. Food.

a. Eating out - How does eating out in HK compare to the U.S. as far as prices go.

b. Groceries - Same deal here.

3. Entertainment - How does entertainment like theater, movies, concerts, etc in HK compare to the U.S. when it comes to price.

In the end I'm pretty much hoping that costs for products and services will be roughly the same as it would be in the U.S.

Re:Cost of living in Hong Kong?

I don't think there will be too much difference from what you are used too.

There has been a thread about buying electronic / computer items that shoud help : [url][/url]

I used to be able to shock friends overseas with the costs of buying / renting property here, but HK property prices have been on a downward slide for six years (maybe bottomed out at last), while UK and US prices have increased over that time.

If you try and live exactly like you do at home and demand the exact same brands, then living overseas anywhere will be expensive. If you are willing to use more local brands, costs will even out.

I've just come back from a business trip in the US, and didn't buy anything there. If I do go there with a shopping list, it is probably for a specialty item froma store like REI, where maybe the selection here is more limited. Even that is less of an issue now, with online ordering of many things.

The only thing I can think of that would make a big impact is your size. I'm skinny, and not especially tall, so can find clothes and shoes here ok. Mr Tall will have a better idea on this, but I guess that if you are on the large size you may want to stock up on clothes and shoes before you leave home.

Hope that helps,


Re:Cost of living in Hong Kong?

I'm 6'2" but am skinny. Will I have problems finding clothes?

clothes, etc.

I am clearly the man to answer this question! I'm 6'5", and I buy most of my clothes here. If I want nice clothes (i.e. suits, decent shirts), I have them tailored, which is still a good deal in Hong Kong. Marks and Spencer is the only department store in town where I've ever found a blazer that fit, but even there it's only occasionally they'll have my size.

For casual/hiking clothes, I troll the outlet shops, and generally find lots in my size -- it's all stuff that's made for export anyway, so the sizes are usually western, and I can get by with an XL. Polo shirts, T-shirts, sweaters, etc., are all easily available.

I can even find shoes here without too much trouble, although I usually fit in the biggest size the shop stocks, i.e. 11 US/44-45 european. If your feet are any bigger than that, it'll be tough.

I guess at a skinny 6'2" you won't have that much trouble. There aren't a lot of HK Chinese men that tall, but in a city of 7 million, there are still enough to support those sizes.

A couple more notes on the cost of going out to eat here. First, the range of options -- and the range of costs -- is vast. We Talls are pretty cheap, so we favor 'down-home' style Chinese and other Asian places, and don't go out all that often to trendy western places. The upshot is that you can eat *far* better restaurant food here at the 'low end' of the market than you could in any western country. The other factor to keep in mind, though, is that you're likely to eat out here way more often than you did at home. Before the arrival of Baby Tall last year, Mrs Tall and I sometimes used to keep track of how many days we would go without eating a single meal (except for breakfast) at home. I think our record was 13!

no worriws

i believe most of the stuff in hk is cheaper than in US except accomodation. U r quite concern the electronics and HK is a paradise for them. But I'd recommended that u buy these stuff from brand shop like "Broadway, Tai Lam" as no cheating there. Good Luck

Don't forget transportation

Transportation is much cheaper than in the USA. MTR is cheaper than the El in Chicago or the subway in NYC, buses & taxis way cheaper too.

It's only more expensive if you have a car (but that's another thread).