The Escalator Ends.....

I just moved to Caine Road from DB(much happier now)with my husband and 2.6 year old. I cannot keep my son inside all day long just because it rains. However if I don't get myself out of the apartment before 10.30am when the escalator changes directions, I have found no child friendly/ pram firendly way to get down to Queens Road. A taxi is the obvious solution, however there must be a way to walk down through a series of connecting streets? So who knows the secret? I have only been on Caine Road for just over a week, but after traipsing down Elgin and various other streets to get down to Queens Road, I almost killed myself and destroyed the pram. Aberdeen street is too steep with steps and Shing Won is even more unforgiving. Can somebody please help before I damage myself or the pram?

Downhill from mid-levels

Reader isdl by email:

If Elgin St -> Graham Street -> Lyndhurst Terrance is not a good option, then I cannot see of any better route as Elgin / Lyndhurst is already the "diag.", less steep.

May be she can take the bus like no. 13 to Central, which is nowadays pram friendly.  Definitely not the green mini bus.

Arbuthnot Rd is another not-quite-so-steep road if you're at that end of Caine Rd. But I'd also suggest trying the buses, which are doable with a pram outside rush hour. As well as the buses on Caine Rd you could take the escalator up to Robinson Rd and get one of the buses to Central / Admiralty from there.

On dry days, there's a busy children's playground at the junction of Caine & Seymour Roads if you haven't already found it. More things-to-do ideas here.


Circular Route 12 bus between the Central Pier to Robinson Road

Hi there,

One other alternative is to hop onto a Route 12 bus. These are usually run by low platform and smaller buses. You should be able to hop on one of these on Caine Road westbound.

Route 12M is a similar route which terminates in Admiralty. It comes up through Arbuthnot Road and right turns into Caine Road.

Most bus routes could be looked up at for those running in the neighbourhood.


The Escalator Ends....

Thanks to the both of you. My current route is down through Elgin Street, turn and go into Staunton, from Staunton take the walk down next to the escalator. Once I hit Hollywood Road, I go down towards Lyndhurst, go down Lyndhurst, cross the street where the escalator goes down again, and just go down by the escaltor until I hit Queens Road. Ease 8/10, pace 9/10, frustration level 1/10, and it looks like however I do it either my son needs to start walking more, or getting a well paid job to pay for a new pram for himself if he still insists I push him ; )


Chuck the pram, don't get a new one.  Life is tough, so kids need to be tough and fit!!  My deal with my paediatrician is once the kids hit 2, they're out of the pushchair 90% of the time, and you pass it on to the next mum / child before they're 3.  He (with 40 years of experience) has seen so many unco-ordinated , unfit, obese, lazy kids, that he gives this advice to all sensible mums!  I find with my 2 as long as I can sustain an inane conversation with "i spy", counting, doing simple sums, asking "I see water, what letter for water?" etc. etc.  I can occupy their minds on things other than that they're getting tired.   Its great for their thinking ability too!  I got one mine to do the whole of dragons back this way (aged 5).

Good luck and keep it fun for him!