Heroes: Better late than never

A couple of weeks ago everyone in Hong Kong got the chance to win invitations to the Heroes World Tour party which was to be held at M1NT. I'm sure that anyone who is a fan of the hit TV series was aware of it and did everything in their power, by hook or by crook, to get their hands on some invites. All you had to do to win was answer three questions correctly and add a few sentences on what super powers you'd like to have if you were a hero. Saving the environment always gets you a winning ticket.

Imagine it, getting to meet Masi Oka, Ali Carter and Sendhil Ramamurthy along with Greg Grunberg in person...what a thrill! Plus you get to hang out in M1NT, a members only exclusive club.

The invitation said "As space is limited, entry is on a first come, first served basis" (M1NT can only accommodate 350 people...only) so we decided to get there early just in case there was a repeat episode of the "i'm not a plastic bag" bag sale in Central a while back. The party started at 8:30 pm, we got there around quarter to eight and there wasn't a soul around except for an army of bouncers at the front door. Queueing wasn't allowed until later so we stood around and waited instead (same difference but it worked as an excuse when told not to queue). We were allowed to queue around 8:15, soon enough a decent crowd started gathering and we all milled in at 8:30 as indicated on the invitation.

So here we are inside M1NT...ooOOOOooOOOOoooh! All I can say is that for a members only club they could have done better as far a decor and fixtures are concerned. I'd expect a little more for what you need to pay to be a member. But who cares, it's an open bar with lots of liquid happiness flowing and the Heroes will soon be here.

Five drinks later and still no Heroes. It's 10pm and by now the place is pretty packed, scanning the room it's hard to believe that everyone here is a Heroes fan. I think that by now most people have forgotten why they even came and are just having a good time socializing and making use of that open bar.

Its now around 10:15pm and the crowd goes wild! Yes, the Heroes have landed...finally!!! After making us wait almost two hours, the Heroes have finally graced us plebians (with nothing better to do than wait for them) with their presence. Hoorah!

[....Heroes finally arriving....]

For those who weren't there but wish they had been, here's a video of what essentially went on. It's quite long so give it a chance to load up and have patience.

So there you go, that was the Heroes party in a nutshell. In actual fact if you weren't there you didn't miss much (apart from the free alcohol). We waited and waited to see four ordinary people (of course they don't have real powers!) that are actually quite uninteresting in person. Masi is short and so is Sendhil while Ali and Greg stayed on the side holding each other and giggling sweet stupidities into one another's ears the whole time (visible on the above video). Oh and guys, Ali wasn't wearing a bra (you'd think these people would know not to wear dresses that go transparent when you have spot lights aimed right at you). Worst of all they didn't even bother staying long enough to give out a few autographs or shake a few hands. As soon as their little rehearsed sideshow was over the VJ distracted us with a contest to win an autographed DVD boxset of the first season and hocus pocus ...POOF!... they were gone as quickly as they had arrived (after the near two hour wait of course.). One wonders why they even came, we could have had as good a party if not better without them there.

So long Heroes, and thanks for all the booze. Oh...and don't come back unless you're willing to be a little more sociable, we don't bite...promise.

PS. Season 2 starts in January 2008 in Hong Kong while in the US is starts next month. Sigh.


I've never watched the show, but I enjoyed your write-up of the HK party, Fredl -- thanks very much for providing this!


I've just done chapter 14.....

Hi there,

George Takei was a guest star in this chapter. Close to the end after he hopped onto his limo I had had a glimsp of the licence plage and guess what I got? It reads NCC-1701. It flashed for just slightly less than a second though, I have to rewind and pause to make sure.......

That was sweet.