what happened to this place?

what happened to all this?
I know it went down with a hacker problem, but it seemed to take ages to come back!
was it a software problem? did you catch the hacker?

Re:what happened to this place?

The gory details ?

Well, it wasn't really as exciting as a hacker. Our hosting company was running an older version of the bulletin board software that holds this forum, which had a couple of bugs that let people deface some of the forum titles. It happened a couple of times, and they agreed to upgrade us to a newer, and hopefully bug-free version.

They did a backup of the forum, then an upgrade, then found the backup wouldn't restore... It certainly took longer than we'd have liked to get it fixed, but we'll keep our fingers crossed that all is well now.


Re:what happened to this place?

well, at least it wasn't something deliberate.
glad to see everything back to normal.

We're back

This time it was the "Sanity" worm which zapped us. Sigh. Anyway a few hours of reinstalling and restoring backups later, and it looks like we're back in business. Please let us know if you find anything that is broken.


PS Merry Christmas, and a very Happy (and worm-free) New Year from the Batgung.

Our current hosting company

We've been using Siteground since we changed over to the new layout. The cost is low, and so far all has run smoothly, with very responsive tech support. This is our third hosting company since we started this site (we moved the first time due to service problems, and the second time when the hosting co wouldn't support our new CMS), so I hope we won't have to move again in the forseeable future.


Disclosure: If you sign up with Siteground after clicking the above link, they give us 3 free months hosting.

We have upgraded to Drupal 4.7

It uses a different, cleaner look, and gives us some new features to use at a later stage, especially regarding spam prevention.

If anything is broken, please let us know.