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We shall be coming back to Hong Kong during next year - and it will be my first visit back fo fourty years. I know that it has all changed a lot since then. As we shall only have five days there to see everything, what do readers reccomend?

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I've been twice now for work and had a few Sundays of to prowl around. against my expectations, I had a great time at the museum of coastal defense. We spent at least 3 hours there looking at the exhibits (air conditioned), pill boxes, trenches and gun emplacements (not air conditioned), eating at the little restaurant, and generally having our brain expanded. It is built into an old British fort on a hill on the east side of Hong Kong island.
I've also been to the Big Buddha on Lantau and eaten at the monastery there. It was a long bus ride to get there but the food, view, and statue were all great.

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Hi Greg, not sure if you've seen these already :

Hopefully they'll give you some ideas.