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I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good job recruiting agency. I just moved to Hong Kong from Denver, Colorado.  I have work authorization, so I do not need a company to sponsor.  I can speak Cantonese, but my comprehension of written Chinese is limited.  I use to work for a bank back in the states and would like to stay in the banking or finance area. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Try the major agencies like

Try the major agencies like Robert Walters, Michael Page, Chris Allen, Hudson. They should all have clients in the Finance industry. Good luck with your applications!

Thanks. I will give those a

Thanks. I will give those a try. Will also update, If I'm successful!

Finance job recruitment

A friend who works at Command Recruitment Group says they handle recruitment for finance & banking. Her name is Minnie, she's at 2529-7363.

Good luck, MrB

Finance job

I know the job market in banking is quite hot at the moment so if you have the right experience it shouldn't be a problem finding it.  Egon Zhender were looking for people, but I think they want quite senior people.