Short-Term Apartment near Admiralty

Hi All,

I'll be moving to HK by end-December, and am currently looking for short-term (1-month-odd) accomodation for my initial month in HK.

My office is near Admiralty MTR - so was hoping to find some place not very far from there. I have a budget of HK$ 5k - 6.5k .... 7.5k/month max. Prefer a 1-bedroom apartment, but am willing to take a studio apartment up, if i can't get a 1-bdrm apartment within my budget

I have some questions, which I'm hoping to get help with here:
1. Is it cheaper to live off the island and travel to the island for work - or am I better off living on the island itself? (does the travel cost to the island make up for the relatively lower rentals off the island?)

2. How inconvenient is it to travel to the island, if I find a place off the island? I was thinking of Tsim Sa Shui, Jordan areas - since they are only a couple of MTR stops away from Admiralty.

3. Given my budget - are there any areas on the island where I could get a decent apartment to put up in?

4. Where can I find apartments within my range? Are there any serviced apartments within the budget?

Thanks soo much for your help, in advance! :)


Short term apartment near Admiralty

Hi Sandeep,

1. Not sure. You should be able to find 1-year rentals within your budget on HK island (though not in admiralty) and in Kowloon.

2. If you're near an MTR stop like TST (Tsim Sha Tsui) or Jordan, it will be quick to get to and from work. If you have to follow regular 9-5 office hours, you'll be travelling in the rush hour, so it won't be a very pleasant journey, but then again it's just for a few minutes. If you can start & finish before or after the rush hour it will be very easy.

3. Try the gohome site. Here are the results of a search for rentals $5K - 7.5K, buildings aged 6-10 years, in Kennedy Town. Older buildings will get you more choices and a bigger space for your $$.

4. There are several serviced apartments listed here. I don't think you'll get anything in that budget. Maybe look at a guest house? Small (very small!), but clean and ok til you find an apartment to rent.

Good luck,


short term apartment

The Helena May has very reasonably priced accomodation short term, you (or your wife) may need to become a member first though.  There are some guest houses in Wanchai, but I think you're still looking at around 450 dollars a night.  The Bishop Lei in Robinson Road is very decent, clean, central and nice staff, with shuttle bus.  I think they're about 600 per night.