Looking for a job in HK, bring my original certifications?

I'm going to move to HK soon to look for a job there. I just graduated university, and will begin my job hunt when I get to HK. Does anyone know if I must bring my original diploma to show for proof of graduation if I am hired for a company?


Diplomas, etc

Good question, simple answer: YES. You will be sorry if you don't bring along originals of your qualifications once a typical Hong Kong Human Resources gets its teeth into you!

Re: Looking for a job in HK, bring my original certification

HI, I will graduate from QuanZhou NOrmal University. I just study for three years. I would like to apply for a job in Hongkong. May I? I am very confusing, and I think it is hard for the mainland study working in HK. Isn't it.


Re:Looking for a job in HK, bring my original certifications?

Hi Jason,

There is one difficult thing working in HK and is the accomdation. As long you already have somewhere to stay(like relatives), be warned that rent will eat up your salary.

I say go for it. Now that HK&China is "one", you will see that many HK people are either working or looking for jobs in China.

Not sure what field you specialise in but I say, search through the classifieds first like:


Get a feel for what is available in HK and the best is that now, you can email your resume to the potentials. Also most jobs require mandarin language so you have a sure advantage.

Good luck....