Tennis in HK

Anyone have any idea what competitive tennis in HK is like, for adults but especially kids. Appreciate any info on the best tennis clubs also.



Dear Mr T,

Not sure if you have friends or members in the HK Jockey club, but they do social tennis for around$50 or $100 on certain days of the week. It is fun and a round robin competition. I have been meaning to attend but busy having tea with Hewitt(yes go the Ozzie!!). You can ring them up to check if you can attend. I know they have children's comp as well.

As for other venues, you can always try the public clubs like Victoria Park tennis courts. The South China Athletic Ass also has great tennis clubs for adults and kids. Membership is very cheap so you can give that a go. Depending on where you live, so I suggest go to this website:

It gives you all the clubs around HK and what they have to offer.

Happy Tennis.