Mrs Clipperjay

I'm a worried man, my misses wants to move over to Hong Kong, but being a London girl she is wondering if there are other females from abroad who band together and discuss what not stuff.???
It's strange because I'm chinese and she is english so Not sure if this is reverse where usually the guy is the expat and the wife is chinese.?

Expat Lady in HongKong

Mr Clipperjay,

It always takes a while to make friends when you move to a new place, but if you give it some time it happens. Of course she can help move things along by joining clubs for whatever her hobbies are, signing up for evening classes, trying some of the "Just Friends" ads at sites like, etc, etc.

The reward is that you'll end up with friends from many different countries.

Are there any expat lady readers with feedback on what it was like to move to HK?

Good luck, MrB

PS More about moving to HK at

Foreign wife & local husband

I am the foreigner, and my husband is a local guy.

I know a fair amount of women in this situation. I came to HK on my own for work and met my husband here. I think that if your wife gets a job, that will help her be more happy here, less dependent and able to make more local friends here.

Since I am the only foreign woman at my work, it has helped me "fit in" more and not fell like an eternal foreigner.

If you are an HK I.D. holder, I think your wife will be able to get a dependent visa that allows her to work.

I also know some foreign women join the American' Women's Association (which is open to women from all countries). I've met some women from there (I am not a member myself) and they seemed like a nice bunch.

I think there's another club, called "The Helena May" for women in Central of mid-levels.

worried misses

Thanks people I'm happy to hear there is a few more reverse situations and yes we have been talking about the excluding and isolation.!
It all ways sounds like a good idea to up root and start a fresh, but being foreign is difficult at best. I will proberly have a few problems myself intergrating also. but thanks people once again for the advice anymore comments are helpfull.!!!

thumbs up for batgungs

dear mrB and mrT,

thank you for this website. it has been the best survival guide for me and my hubby--two "odd" returnees according to our chinese families in hk. i know you hate to mention shops' names. but when it comes to your down-to-earth favorites (a.k.a. not the midlevels or american club), can you tell us more about where to eat, shop, get a decent double-cheese burger, work out, etc.?

fay por

Where to ... in Hong Kong?

Fay Por,

I'm glad to hear you've found the site helpful. For your question on "where to .... ?", are there any specific things you are having trouble finding?



Mr. B,
I don't have specific questions per se. But intrigued by your articles on homesickness, and figured comfort food is often the best cure. So if you stumble on places that have good mashed potato, nyc pizza, chilli dog, etc., please do let us know. thanks.

American food in Hong Kong

If you haven't found them already, you could try Dan Ryans, or the Main Street Deli

Disclaimer - I enjoy the food there, but I'm from the UK so what do I know anyway?

We'll be watching out for your follow-up review on whether they meet your standards.

Cheers, MrB

food find

it's funny that you mentioned dan ryan. i don't really like their burgers since it's nothing like those in chicago, where i used to live. but the location is surely convenient for everyone.

main street is a good recommendation. i'll let you know if i stumble on any other good comfort food. thanks.

fay por

Moving to Hong Kong

What I have found this is like any other place in the get out of the adventure what you put into it...if your wife is outgoing and likes socializing there are MANY expat women here who are anxious to take other women into their communities and introduce them to other women. I was very lucky and I certainly am not a social butterfly. I found that many women opened their doors and their experiences to help me get adjusted.

it's nice...we are all in the same boat and it's up to your wife what she wants to make of it.

One users said that she could get a work visa "easiliy" such luck on's not that easy, but can be done. If you are transfering here, I'd put a condition into your contract that states that your company would "sponsor" your wife to get a work visa...that will help open the door for her if she wants to work. Although she would have to get a visa for the new employer...having one makes a huge difference.

Good luck in your journey.