Leather Furniture

I was wondering if somebody had any advice on where to buy a leather lounge suite or perhaps where to get one made in Hong Kong. Is it worth going to Macau, or are there places as good in HK, any advice would be apprecieated

Queens Road East

I've not bought any, so I can't give you a definite recommendation.

Have you taken a walk along Queens Rd East in Wanchai? The section between Queensway and the Hopewell Tower has a variety of furniture shops, and I believe some of those do custom work. That should give some ideas on what is available locally.

Regards, MrB

Leather furniture in North Point

We went to North Point and walked up and down Java Road...we found some comfy leather pieces that we could tailor select the leather...make sure you ask for LEATHER, not pleather which they will show you...they do have real leather available.

We just ordered for a shop by the name of ARKO and were really satisfied with the prices. The address was G/F 29 Java Rd, North Point 2807 0508 - Benjamin spoke english as well.