Railing against railings

Mr Tall seems to have an issue with the railings;

[quote] Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed this ? When I first came here, the "laissez-faire" that Hongkong is famous for extended to letting you decide where and when you wanted to step out in front of a bus (or more likely in front of a bicycle carrying a big bag of dead chickens, cycling the wrong way down the road. I digress...). Then sometime in the second half of the nineties, railings started sprouting up everywhere. Has there have been a government study that says we'll need a certain number of railings before we can truly be considered a world class city ? I see them when we're hiking too, in the oddest of places. Very strange. [/quote]

If you didnt have railings, you would be denying the stars of all those triad kiddie films the ability to show off their athletic prowess. How would the whole y&d series look if Ekin couldnt be shown popping railings effortlessly, despite weilding a chopper and wearing painted-on leather pants?

Perhaps Mr Tall just needs to recognise what they're for, and practise some moves :P


Re:Railing against railings

Well the railings were mine (I think Mr Tall's stature is such that he nonchalantly strides over them).

Interesting theory that the railings are meant to turn us into a world class film set, and not a world class city. It's about as a good a reason as any I can think of!