More T-shirt slogans

To add to Mr Tall's list, in Sheung Wan yesterday I saw a young lady wearing a T-shirt that read :


Riding the tram home I pondered the significance of this slogan ...

  • Had she just split up from an overweight boyfriend ?
  • Could it be the "Get Skinny" companies taking a more aggressive approach to marketing ?
  • Or had she simply decided that she was going to hell anyway, and may as well enjoy a few extra hotel buffets along the way ?

Most likely she's living in blissful ignorance of the meaning of the T-shirt, so let's hope she doesn't encounter any aggressive overweight english-speaking folk in her travels.

Mr B.

T-shirt slogans

T-shirt slogans - a favourite of mine...

Only yesterday I saw a male student wandering around campus (at City U) with a t-shirt that read: [b]Just Do Me![/b]

Several years ago I saw a young women on the MTR wearing a bright yellow t-shirt on which - in big black letters - was emblazoned: Masturbation is not a Crime.

Have a look here for a collection of photos of t-shirt slogans, mainly from Japan.

And related but a bit off topic, have any others noticed the popularlity of Che Guevara images on clothes here in Hong Kong? And I don't mean as worn by political activists - of course Long Hair and his cronies often wear Che G t-shirts when they're out protesting, but you'd expect that. No, what I mean is the often quite subtle placement of his image on regular clothing. Che appears on collars and pockets in the same way that any other logo or image might appear. I wonder if this is happening elsewhere

Re:More T-shirt slogans

Going up the long escalator at Exit K in the Central MTR last night I saw a very old Chinese man coming down the other way who was wearing a t-shirt with a picture of a gun and the following words:

[b]Suck my [url=]Glock[/url] Motherf*****[/b]

He was wearing a smile that lit up his face. It was a truly incongruous match.

It must be the season . . . .

. . . for HK's elderly population to wear, umm, provocative t-shirts. Yesterday morning I laid eyes (unfortunately) on a rather ample late-middle-aged woman wearing a jet-black T-shirt with a single word emblazoned in red sequins across its front: SEX. That was a suggestion I could have done without!

Re:More T-shirt slogans

oh dear this place really does brighten up my day .....hahahhahaa....

the ones that get me...and damnit they keep my mind occupied way beyond the time they should...are the nonsensical ones....such as

[i]life beautiful young wearer[/i]

and so on.....

Re:More T-shirt slogans

The girl on the 171 bus with the T shirt reading " Ride me, hump me, ride me" made my eyes bulge,

Our young and naive PE teacher who wore (and never wore again after I told her) a T shirt with 'Mile high club" as the large logo.

Two very small kids in Olympian plaza Tai Kok Tsui, both with "I am addicted to sex" on their matching T shirts!! :oops:

t shirt logos

re- che guevara logos- they arn'e che logos, they are actually the logo of a japanese clothes line called a bathing ape. If you look closely you'll see that the che figure is actually a monkey.

Re: T-shirt slogans

[quote="Stephen Frost"]T-shirt slogans - a favourite of mine...

Only yesterday I saw a male student wandering around campus (at City U) with a t-shirt that read: [b]Just Do Me![/b]

Ahh, in 2000 I was in sw china and saw a girl wearing that t-shirt. The punchline though, was that I found a brand that used the slogan "I do myself" in Chengdu or Kunming, I forget which.



ps: see you all there in Jan/Feb, in the mean time Ill just enjoy the board!