Wanna to Make friends

Hi, I'm Dennis. I would like to meet new friends with different cultures.

I'm 27/Male/Chinese, my first language is Cantonese and I can speak Putonghua and English. You are welcome to learn Chinese from me.

Please feel free to contact me by sending email to


See you soon!

too bad i'm in canada

I'm trying to (self)learn mandarin here in Canada, too bad I'm not in HK or I would most certainly take you up on your offer

learning chinese

hi dennis! i'm moving to HK in january and i'd definitely love to take you up on your offer. i'm studying putonghua right now but i DEFINITELY want to learn cantonese! to be honest i think it's a prettier language to my ears than putonghua...although both are great. i'm also studying thai right now...foreign language is my forte. thanks!

by the way, to the creators of this website, it's absolutely fabulous. not only is it hilariously entertaining, it's also quite useful and informative!