honkinese national sport

There are some comments in the site about how it is shopping, and I know that we ARE supposed to think that, try the IF mall ad on the bus with the "new personal best" slogan, but now Im back in HK, I know what it is *reallY*

It isnt shopping, its nose-picking, you can see people hopping into it anywhere. On the sidewalk, in the restaurants, on the tram, on the ferry.
As aussies would know, "you can get it anywhere, matter of fact, Im getting it now!" (ala the jingle for the vb ad).


Re:honkinese national sport

You could be right.

If it does make it into the next olympics, we'll probably be winners in both the singles and doubles events: [url]http://www.batgung.com/articles/hkwomen.htm[/url]


Re:honkinese national sport

Im off to shanghai late next week, I expect they will put up some very stiff competition, although last time I was there I didnt see an couples action. This is probably my fault, I was cycle touring, and in the west.

More updates if they have to happen.