Mr T,

I was just reading your piece about homesickness.

I can't say I get any really unhappy feelings that I'd call homesickness, but I do get moments where I'll miss something or other. It's usually triggered by the senses, and is more of a feeling than a thought.

Sometimes around this time of year we get a cool day with pale sunshine in the afternoon, and I'll be reminded of wintry weather back home. I don't enjoy the whole winter package - in fact one of the things I like about being here is that it rarely stays cold for very long. Still there are happy memories of walking in the countryside at this time of year, bare trees, frosty ground, snow, etc.

Other times it's pubs that I miss - beers in pub gardens on a sunny day, or being in an old country pub with a roaring fire on a chilly evening.

But these are just occasional glimpses, nothing strong enough to make me up and move.

As for the people you mention that come here and are determined to dislike it - yes I do get a bit impatient. There are good and bad things everywhere, and to decide that everything sucks seems a bit lazy to me.