I would like to hear of anywhere that sells pirated software cds for macs

While it is illegal...

While it is illegal, there are some places where you can get pirated copyrighted material.

For DVDs and the like, your best bet is Lo Wu Commercial City in Shenzen. It's just outside the border crossing point at the northern end of the KCR East Rail.

You can get a visa at the border with some passports, but not all. You should check this before you go. Also, it's more expensive for a some passport holders to get a visa than for others. (My 3 year visa cost less than a six month visa for a UK passport holder.)

For software, go to 298 Hennessy Road, usually during the afternoon. The software places do PC, Mac and Playstations CDs/DVDs. The deal is that you select what you want, pay a flat rate depending on the number of discs involved, then come back about one hour later to pick up your loot.

Occasionally, the pirates will get raided or just shut down for fear of police for a few hours. In these cases, from 298, you can head over to Wanchai for food or ales, as the fancy takes you, or go shopping in Causeway Bay, both of which are within walking distance of 298.