Humidity Damage to Valuable? (artwork, books furniture etc)

Hi - Will the long humid summer damage our goods? There are a lot of humidity stories out there. None of our art, books, furniture etc is commercially valuable, but it has family or sentimental value. Should we just leave it all at home in the US?


Humidity - worse in spring (at least in Sai Kung)



The summer is long and hot and sultry - but the spring is worse, at least where I live.  I have noticed my books age more rapidly here than in other places I have lived, but not so much that I wouldn't keep buying them. I have old family pictures on the walls - keep them in glass and away from the sun & theyare OK. Most have been on the walls for the past 7 years.

Wooden furniture - may swell in spring and shrink in winter - but less in a flat that you live in Hong Kong than (say) a basement or attic in Massachusetts (my home state). 

Precious leather goods - buy the dehumdifying thingies that they sell in grocery stores and take a look every month or so to see how they're doing. 

Most water damage I've experienced was an air conditioner leak on top of one of my book-cases a couple of years ago - but it wasn't as bad as some of the floods my family members have experienced in their basements in New England over the years.

I would say, bring your stuff, so you can keep an eye on it.  What you decide not to take, consider giving away or recycling. See this move as an opportunity to really pare down. :) 

Has anyone tried vacuum storage bags?

I'm not a fan of late night gadgets but the vacuum storage bags might be useful in Hong Kong. Has anyone tried them? (I can't let mold eat my hiking boots - we've got history!)

thanks for a great forum.


We have 3 de-humidifiers (machines) which are on pretty much full time in our apartment, summer and winter. They're set to spring on when the humidity rises, and we empty them more often in summer than in winter (obviously). 

I'd say they're a must. You can get them from most electrical stores, or on the 2nd hand expat market, and they're well worth the expense.

Vacuum bags not only work, but they're a great space saver. I alternate my summer / winter clothes in them.  Before I seal them I put in a few of the little humidity pouches just in case.  After 2 seasons here, I"ve had no problems.


Don't use those bar heaters

One local solution to humidity is to install a low-wattage heating element in the bottom of cupboards, and leave it on permanently. It won't make the cupboard especially hot, but just enough to keep it dry.

They always seemed like a disaster waiting to happen, but MrsB swore by them and kept them in the flat she used to share with her sister. Sure enough one day a coat fell off its hanger and landed on the bar (it's literally an open bar, no protective grill). It started smouldering and smoking, but luckily her sister was at home and caught it before any serious fire broke out. They haven't used them since.


bar heaters

I think you install the bars at wrong place. Mine are on the top of cupboards and above the hanging rail.

bar heaters

Good point, they would be a lot safer at the top.