Where to buy Peltier / Thermoelectric cooler in Hong Kong?

I can get the basic device on eBay, but it costs around HK$400 for 10. Half that price is shipping, and anyway I only need one, so I was hoping to find one cheaper here in Hong kong.

They are sometimes used by people overclocking PCs, but I haven't found any in 298 or Golden Centre.

I don't plan to use it with a computer at all, I just want to use it as a cooler. So another solution could to buy a pre-made cooler that uses a peltier, then hack it open to get the cooler out. I haven't see those in HK either.

Any suggestions?


Peltier coolers

Hi MrB, if you set your ebay search to show all global sellers then you will see a few from China that sell them in smaller quantities. There's still shipping costs to contend with, and the per unit cost is higher than if you buy in bulk, but it is still cheaper than $400.

Also persist with computer shops if you can - they are routinely available in electronics stores in Australia so I will be surprised if they are more difficult to find in HK. Since you have tried 298, have you also tried the Wanchai Computer Centre, which is next to Wanchai MTR exit A4?

hope this helps, Karen.


Karen, thanks for the ebay tip - as you can tell I'm new to that! I've also written to the HK seller to see if the shipping is really that much to HK addresses.

In Australia do you see the peltiers sold as CPU coolers, or you just see the plain flat square peltier device? If the latter, would you know of any good shops in HK to buy electronic components please?

And if you know how to write "Do you sell peltier devices?" in Chinese, I'd be very grateful!! I think part of the problem in 298 is that the salesman doesn't know what I'm asking for.

Cheers, MrB

UPDATE - looks like I'll have to go back to Ap Liu Street and pay WECL a a visit. I don't think I've been in there before. [link via Geoexpat]