Short stay accomodation / visiting HK with a toddler

Hi All, I would be grateful for any tips and info on coming to HK for a short visit with a toddler.

I am planning a family trip (3 adults and 1 20-month old toddler) to HK in October. It's only a short stay of one week.

I am trying to find a 2-3 bedroom furnished apartment, but most serviced apartment places require a 1-month minimum. The only place I can find so far is Olympic Terrace. Does anyone know anywhere else? I have looked on and no luck there at this stage.

I would definitely prefer a place in the Wanchai / Causeway Bay area because I am already familiar with these areas...

Also, my experience from past visits suggest that HK is not a very pushchair-friendly place (lots of steps, narrow paths and aisles). Is this concern justified? Any tips on surviving a trip with a toddler who will need a lot of carrying around?

Short stay accomodation / visiting HK with a toddler

Central 88 is a serviced apartment with a 3-day minimum stay, so they might be worth a look. As you say, most require a 1-month minimum.

We didn't use a pushchair much, just a mix of carrying and walking. But I do see a fair number of pushchair/strollers around - you just lift up stroller and baby to get past steps. Easy enough if there are two or more adults.

When I go back to the UK I'm amazed at the size of some of the pushchairs there. They are the Hummer / SUV models of the pushchair world. If you do bring one, look for a skinnier frame & canvas type - think 2CV. I see lots of maclarens around.

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PS More child-related info here.

Some smaller hotels has weekly stay packages

Hi there,

Some smaller hotels has discounted weekly stay packages, like this:

An ex-colleague once stay there for one of these with his family of three and they were satisfied. I'm pretty sure there are other choices. You might have to ask for further information, however. October, unfortunately, is not included in the discount package. Probably owing to 1st October, the National Day. Do give it a try.

You might like to check the homepage of the Tourist Board for other lodging information.

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Thanks for the info so far

Central88 looks lovely, though perhaps a bit upmarket for a destructive toddler?  I will definitely keep it in mind though.

So far Olympic Terrace definitely seems great value, though we'll end up spending more in transport costs because we will spend most of our time on HK side.

I did have a look at some weekly rates for a number of hotels.  I think having kitchen facilities will make our lives much easier during the visit, so an apartment will be better.

We've still got plenty of time to find something, fingers crossed.

cheers, karen