I was just wondering if there were any places that sold big burritos similiar to those of Chipotle or Qdoba back in the states?

El Taco Loco

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There is a Restaurant called 'El Taco Loco' in the local Soho district, on the same street up the slope with the Escalator going up the slope, somewhere between Hollywood Road and Staunton Street.

You might like to try and see if they have anything like you mentioned.

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In a word...No.

You will find the Mexican choices in HK severely lacking in both quality and quantity. There is nothing remotely resembling Chipotle or Qdoba here, thank god. 'El Taco loco' as mentioned above between staunton and holywood rd is one of the 'better' options. but for the love of god why you would want to go anywhere like that with all the amazing local food is beyond me!

Thanks! i'll give it a try

Thanks! i'll give it a try

Taco Loco? Really?

I'd go for Caramba over Taco Loco 10 times out of 10.

The burritos a slightly smaller, but they're also tastier. Although my thoughts on this might be somewhat tinged by the stomach upset I suffered after my final Taco Loco meal.

Better option: Do it yourself! The ingredients for a good burrito are quite cheap here, and there's something very satisfying about perfecting that lime-flavored rice.