Need studio/apartment for 15 days in HK

hi my husband and I are coming for a 15 day visit from 28 Oct to 12 Nov 2010 need to rent studio or apartment preferrable in Casueway Bay or Wanchai districts with internet access. Can anyone help?


Bay windows: Begone!

A couple of things have come to bug me about Hong Kong apartments. First, they're built to catch as many rays of sunshine as possible. Second, the quoted floor-areas bear little relation to how much usable space you'll actually get.

Ten bonus points if you can guess the common cause of both bugs. Read more »

Short stay accomodation / visiting HK with a toddler

Hi All, I would be grateful for any tips and info on coming to HK for a short visit with a toddler.

I am planning a family trip (3 adults and 1 20-month old toddler) to HK in October. It's only a short stay of one week.

I am trying to find a 2-3 bedroom furnished apartment, but most serviced apartment places require a 1-month minimum. The only place I can find so far is Olympic Terrace. Does anyone know anywhere else? I have looked on and no luck there at this stage. Read more »

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