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Hi, Can anyone help me, My family are moving to Hong kong in march this year (Short notice)We Just missed out on South Lantau International School so Don't have a school place in september for our Son William, What can we Do? No company assistance is given at all for school places and DB is a bit of a trip to make as we will be living in Mui Wo (we are simple country folk at heart)Are there any Schools suitable on Lantau? Thanks in advance to anyone who can help us.

Lantau schools

Hi Anon;

So far as I know, the only international school choices on Lantau Island are Lantau International School in Tung Chung (which is a fairly short drive/bus ride from Mui Wo) or Discovery Bay International School.

You may want to check out this prospectus on international schools in HK from the Education Bureau.

Readers, do you know of any other options?

Primary School

Hi Admin,

Thanks for this, It is extremely helpful, I owe you a beer (Or Cola)


well, its a nice guide, but i can't see how did this help solving ur problem, cause i kina of have the same problem........still there r no schools in lantau.....Admin, do u know a guide of kindergartens, and nurseries in hk??,............Thanks

I got a ready made list to

I got a ready made list to attack, I didn't know of any other EMI Primary Schools in HK before Admin Kindly provided this link, I can now at least get William into a school and try South lantau International next year.

Lists of pre-school / nurseries / kindergartens in Hong Kong

Anonymous, a Google search gave a couple of options:

 - Victoria Caplan's Education and Child Care in Hong Kong
 - Wikipedia's list
 - GeoBaby's section on Education

school lists

As far as I know there are 2 published in HK each year for the english speaking community.  One by the SCMP ( and one by the Playtimes parenting magazine (

I'm not sure about the local schools 

Thanks for lists links!

Thanks, Gweipo -- those are two very useful links. The SCMP guide seems to be made available briefly each year on the SCMP website, then is taken down again. I've not seen the other book, but it could be quite useful if you're looking for international schools.

For local schools, the best information in English seems to be at HKEdcity. You can see my annotated links if you scroll down to the end of this article, or you can go straight to the HKEdcity site.