Rest home for retired Chinese Gods

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One of our banner photos is of a collection of ceramic gods at Deepwater Bay. The gods are no longer there - I thought they'd been cleared away by the government, but maybe they just upped and moved here instead to be part of the party.

Hopefully the video is clear enough for you to see them, there are several hundred of them arranged along the bank.

They are at the very southeast corner of Waterfall Bay Park - just follow the path along past the saltwater pumping station and you can't miss it. There are some steps into the sea near there, so you might also see some of the hardier locals heading into the sea for a swim. 



A couple of photos from a second visit.

Gods at Wah-Fu

Statues of Chinese Gods near Wah Fu

Rest Home for Chinese Gods

This is really interesting! Are these gods still there or do you know of any other places with 'retired' gods?

Can't believe I've never seen this.

This is a fantastic site by the way and many thanks to whoever's in charge around here



re: Rest Home

Glad you're enjoying the site. I think they should still be there - I saw them just last year. There is another similar site mentioned here.