Are there any discount stores for watches such as a Seiko or better Casio or Wenger?

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I usually wear a Swatch, so I'm no expert on watches. The only time I bought an expensive watch was for a friend I was visiting in Australia. He wanted a diving watch that cost several thousand HK$, but was much cheaper to get here than in Australia.

The rule of thumb seemed to be that shops quoted 30% off list price with little or no prompting. I tried a few shops, then ended up at Prince, where they gave me 35% off.

Can any watch-loving readers give any advice?


Mr. B, thanks for the

Mr. B, thanks for the suggestion.


A $15 (CDN) Timex or Casio will tell time just as accurate. The battery in my Casio claims to last ten years, but the belt needs replacement every three years I figure.
My grandfather bought me an Omega before he saw me off to Canada. This is the only watch I love, and I equally treasure the moment I saw him winding it up at the shop.