Choosing a primary school

We are about to move to Hong Kong with a 5 year old. We have been offered places for him at Renaissance College and Kowloon Junior School. Would any one have experience or opinions on either school they would share with us?

Renaissance & Kowloon Junior

Well, they're quite a distance apart. Where will you be living? Renaissance is in Ma On Shan. Kowloon Junior is in Ho Man Tin. For a five year old, it would seem best to live near to the school, yes? Also, KJS is a true ESF school - Renaissance is under the ESF umbrella but privately run (or something like that - I'm sure you know more, having applied, etc.)

Renaissance and Kowloon Junior

We don't have anywhere to live yet. My husband's office is in Kowloon, but we really wanted an idea of which was the best school and then we will base our decision on where to live on which school we choose.

Renaissance College

There are also several comments about the school in this thread.