Turtle Cove

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I finally managed to visit this beach, and it looks like a good one to go back to with the family.

The beach is small, but the water was clean and there are lifeguards, a shady area under trees just above the sand, and clean changing rooms. One of the swimmers I spoke to said it gets busy on Sundays and public holidays, but otherwise it is quiet.

We ended up there after for a swim after hiking over from Quarry Bay MTR station. We walked up to Quarry Gap, then down and around the reservoir until we hit Tai Tam Road. From there it's a short walk along the road, and down to the beach. (No pavement / sidewalk for that last section of road though, so be careful). Allow 2 - 3 hours.

Or you can take MTR then bus 14 or 314, or minibus 16M or 16X. Get off at the Turtle Cove stop, which is just after the Redhill Plaza. From the bus stop, walk along to the end of the pavement (you'll be walking away from Redhill Plaza), and you'll see steps leading down on your left. Follow them down to the beach.


turtle cove - mystery buildings?

Having looked carefully at you video, there are some white buildings on the shore.
I can guess one is for changing in, but what are the others?
(you MUST take your family there)

re: turtle cove - mystery buildings?

Here's a closer look:


They are various buildings for the government staff (cleaners, lifeguards, etc) to use. (The changing room is up the hill, out of sight in the video and photo).

If a beach is listed here it usually has a cluster of buildings like this.

We're just getting ready to go back to the UK for a holiday and, weather permitting, will be visiting the local beaches. They are just big beaches - maybe a public toilet and a car park if you're lucky, but usually no facilities to speak of.

turtle cove -mystery solved

Thank you for the much more detailed pcture from turtle cove.
There seems to have been quite a development there since 1960.
Then there was ONLY the Hong kong electric beach hut, now there seems to be quite a little village.
But if you have to have some development, I guess you might as well have some civilization...
And thanks again for visiting and taking the pictures, too. Much appreciated.
Hope to send you a picture of the old beach hut soon.