Big Wave Bay

Turtle Cove

I finally managed to visit this beach, and it looks like a good one to go back to with the family.

The beach is small, but the water was clean and there are lifeguards, a shady area under trees just above the sand, and clean changing rooms. One of the swimmers I spoke to said it gets busy on Sundays and public holidays, but otherwise it is quiet. Read more »

Lo So Shing beach

Lo So Shing beach on Lamma Island.

This is one of the regular beaches for us to visit on the weekend. It's far enough out of the way to never get busy, but it still has lifeguards, showers and changing rooms.

Sometimes we'll make the trip to Lamma just to go to the beach, but we'll often start off with a walk from Yung Shue Wan, or lunch at the Rainbow Restaurant in Sok Kwu Wan, then end up at this beach in the late afternoon. Read more »

Where to swim in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has lots of options if you like swimming. Here are some of my favourite places for a swim, plus details on opening times, costs, etc. Read more »

First view of Big Wave Bay

First view of Big Wave Bay

There's a longer climb up, but shortly after cresting the hill, you'll see the beach we're headed to.

Chung Hom Kok beach

We try to get out for a walk in the countryside on Sundays, and in the sweaty weather it's good to end up at a beach for a swim and shower.

We arrived at this beach after originally planning to go to Stanley. I'd never been there before, but it is worth a visit - close to Stanley but much quieter than the actual Stanley beaches. Read more »

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