One day on HKG


i will b coming to HKG for only one day (only day time),

can anyone pls:

a) suggest me which all nice places i can goto in that much time. (i am simply transiting from SFO)

b) Pls suggest me commuting mode between the airport & city & within the city (cost effective preferably)

c) Places where i can buy electronics for cheap (are they cheap here in comparison to US or what) and also some souvenirs

d) anyone aware of prices of Sony's new PSP in HKG, i am unable to decide where to buy it from.

Thanks a ton in advance

Re:One day on HKG

sorry missed it out above:

i will be coming on 25th June the same day the HKG shopping fest is starting. :D

Stopover in Hong Kong

If you just have a short stopover, the local tourist office has some useful suggestions:

Then for some suggestions on electronics try:

Happy shopping,


Re:One day on HKG

You probably won't get the exact same product you want to buy, but you could try comparing the prices you see here with the prices at home to get an idea.

Also take a look at and to get a feel for the vendors' list prices in the big stores compare with street prices.

Cheers, MrB

Re:One day on HKG

tanks MrB. The link for shoppiong u gave was helpful, though is there way i can get prices in HKG for various electronics (comaprable to those in markets since i can't buy from net), i just wanted to compare them with US prices and India (my home) prices so that i can actually compare the pros & cons

Thanks a ton man.