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Just curious. Did many of you get your current job through a headhunter? A lot of my expat and returnee friends have told me that it's a lot easier to find the right job through an agency.

Also, from my husband's experience, those jobs referred by a headhunter seem to pay a lot better than similar openings that he's found on his own. Seems like the headhunter route is a good way to get around the "not familiar with HK" excuse that many employers are using against expats these days.

Any thoughts? Or any good headhunter names you can bounce around?

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I've never been head-hunted, so can't help you there I'm afraid. Some years back a couple of friends who were more career-minded seemed to do very well out of head-hunters. It makes sense - the good head-hunter will only put you forward for opportunities where you are in demand, so there's better bargaining power.

I guess that head-hunters/agencies will typically specialise in one or two industries, so you might want to let us know what business field you are in?

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i'm not looking at the moment. but appalled to hear some of the low(ered) salaries for people not working in finance or consulting these days. so it was surprising that a headhunter contacted my hubby the other day and mentioned a corporate managerial job that much exceeded his expectation.

the work involves a lot of crisscrossing between hk and china, no doubt. but i also wonder if the headhunter factor matters a lot, especially in terms of new arrival's job search.

btw, the headhunter who contacted my hubby is american. and he specializes in placing american biz school grads with consulting experience.

if anyone out there need some help, i can forward you his name.


Hi Faypor-

Yes please on the recruiter name and info.

Can you post it here or do you prefer to send directly?

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my husband's globe-trotting again. so don't have the headhunter's name at the moment. will let you know as soon as he's back.

fay por

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