just got back from HK

and i'd like to thank mr B and T for this site, it was invaluable.

Of course i'd also like to comment that i'd NEVER experienced humidity like i did last week. my goodness it was hot. :) We ended up spending more money @ 7-11s then we did anywhere else just to rehydrate. We have so many of those Hello Kitty pins that it's a little embarrasing.

we're already planning on coming back next year during a more hospitable climate so we can do the things that we missed.

We hiked to Victoria Peak from the Central MTR all the way to the top (well, to the gates of the observatory) and it was truly an experience. We found the path that leads there completely by mistake. :oops:

anyway, again, this site was a great resource and we've begun a conspiracy to bring more people next time.

-Eric P

What information do Hong Kong visitors need?

Hi Eric,

I'm very pleased to hear you enjoyed your visit, and also that you found the content here helpful.

We've just been talking about what we should add to the site, so I'm interested to hear what extra information you'd find helpful - either as a first-time visitor thinking what was missing, or what you'd like to see in time for your second visit.

It would also be good to hear what information you found most useful, so we can see if we can do more of the same.

Regards, MrB

PS If you thought this week was hot & humid, you really don't want to be here in July / August !!