Food in HKG


I will be visiting HKG very soon... This is not my first visit, but sad to say, I am still having problem in finding some specific food.... Appriciate if someone could provide some leads on the b/m foods...

- Smelly beancurd
It is really hard to find good smell beancurd. Yes... there r tons of stalls along mongkok sell them, but.. it is nowhere near to the one which i tried along por lan street... the thing is, it is not a stall... but a moving cart... sigh...

- 砵仔糕
I always wanted to try this... heard that this is suppose to be quite common in HKG... surprisingly... I couldnt find it!!


Re:Food in HKG

[quote]It is really hard to find good smell beancurd.[/quote] I'd go further and say that good smelly beancurd is impossible to find, but each to their own! I asked some friends about this last night over dinner, and they agreed that Temple Street around Jordan was a good place to find it - probably not far from the area you're thinking of.

For the "But Zai Go", MrsB says that if you visit a wet market and look for stalls selling fresh noodles, they'll probably sell that too.

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