Looking for uncles friends

I was wondering if anyone knew a police officer named Donald Logan. He was known to frequent the old china hand, i am trying to track down any of his friends. He was my uncle and i visited HK last year and met a few of his mates would like to hear from anyothers and if Nigel is out there give us a message

Re:Looking for uncles friends

Might be worth asking if the police newspaper would include a copy of your request? I see they included an obituary in the Bulletin Board section here: [url]http://www.info.gov.hk/police/offbeat/752/eng/[/url]


looking for uncles friends

I went to KGV school in the 70s and played rugby against Donald Logan when he was a student at Island School. I also knew him later when he was in the police force. I'm sure there are many still in HK who remember him as a larger than life character. The Island School alumni association is run by a guy called Tommy Banks and I'm sure that he could put a message on their website. I have Tommy's contact details as well as several ex-policemen from Donald's time in the force. Feel free to contact me at >chiuchowgum@hotmail.com<