OB Care in Hong Kong

My husband is being transferred to HK from North America for 7 months Feb-Aug. My 16 month old daughter and I are coming with him. I have been trying to research alot before we leave, but am still wondering about a few issues. First of all, we will need to find OB care once we arrive since we just found out I am pregnant again. Any suggestions/advice on where to start? We will be staying in Tung Chung on Lantau Island and I am wondering if anyone is familiar with the area? Will I need to travel far for activiites for myself and daughter? Thanks for any information.

If you have a HKID card,

If you have a HKID card, you'll be eligible to register with your local public hospital.

If you're thinking about going private, it's a minefield. Check out other forums on Asia Xpat and Geobaby.com for info.

Good luck.

HKID card

Thanks for the add'l websites. I will check them out. How and where do you get a HKID card? What exactly does it do for you? Thanks again.

ID cards

Don't worry, Kristen -- once you arrive in HK, you'll be getting your ID cards. You must, in fact! All residents of HK are legally required to have one, and to carry them around more or less all the time. You'll have to make a couple of visits to the Immigration Department here to get yours.

Now, as for the OB care: Mrs Tall had generally fine experiences with private-sector OB care during her pregnancy/birth of Daughter Tall. We also go to a private-sector pediatrician/GP for our day-to-day medical needs, and we're very happy with our doctor. I'm not sure what problems waffle had, but there are lots and lots of good doctors in Hong Kong's private health care sector. Calling it a 'minefield' is a bit strong, I think. You might also want to have a look at this article back on the old part of our batgung site, which has more on the health care system here.

Of course, you must pay for private health care here, or be covered by health insurance via your employer, so obviously that's something you'll need to look into, i.e. who/what is covered via any health insurance your husband may receive through his job.

As for your location: you will likely be traveling quite a bit, in that Tung Chung is a bit of a hike from downtown, and you'll no doubt want to explore some of the city while you're here. But transport connections via train and bus are both good.

Best wishes, and keep us up to date on your progess if you've got time.

id cards/ob care

Thank you Mr. Tall for replying. I am feeling better already about things. There are so many questions to ask and it's nice to have a heads up before we arrive. I have heard that private healthcare can get quite expensive. We do have health insurance through my husbands work, however, we will have to pay everything up front while we are in Hong Kong and then file our own claims as our coverage is through his US employer. I believe we will have to pay for out-of-network providers. Since I am not planning on delivering in Hong Kong, we will be going home in July, do you think doctors will have a problem with that at all? Just curious? Thanks again for your input.

Not delivering in HK

I don't think you'd have a problem with the fact you are not delivering locally - it's quite common for expats to want to go to their home country for delivery. We just had our second daughter delivered last week, and would certainly recommend our doctor if his company works out ok with your insurance.

But as mentioned earlier, www.geobaby.com is the place where the HK mums hang out, and probably your best source of local baby info.

Enjoy your time in Hongkong,


where online mums in HK hang out

If you can read Chinese, go to http://www.baby-kingdom.com it has TONS more traffic and posters than geobaby. Lots of discussion of OBs, which hospital to choose, etc. Even if you can't read Chinese, it might be worth it to try and post your questions in the 產前產後 (Chanqian, Chanhou - before and after the birth) section.

There's also a good section there on 國際學校 - International Schools, where more postings are in English as people discuss ESF and other types of non-Chinese medium schools.

I had my first baby at Matilda ($$$!!!!) and my second at Prince of Wales (public, much cheaper) and I was basically as happy with both experiences.