Love Hotel

I'm trying to find a fine Love Hotel in HK. Could anyone help?

Love Hotel

Mr. B and Mr. T are usually pretty good at responding to questions. Umm....sorry, for this one, I don't think you'd get respone from neither of them. The Mesdames are watching!

Mrs. B

Love Hotels


well there's the Eden in SoHo and I passed a sign today in Wanchai hanging off a particularly seedy building in Lockhart Road - the Ming Court, advertising hourly rates

and no I don't have any first-hand experience

don't be a into a proper hotel for a night, I'm sure he or she is worth it!!!

Go Kowloon-side

Go to Kowloon Tong - there are lots there, although less than (say) 10 years ago, having been converted to old folks homes or kindergartens.

If you want extremely cheap, there are hourly hotels in Mongkok around the flower market.

Sai Kung

If you are really cheap you can buy a tent and a couple of blankets and take mtr/bus up to Sai Kung, lots of nice places to camp.