Growing up in HK without cantonese

How is it possible to grow up in HK without knowing much cantonese? You can't do that in neighbouring Macau.

Growing up in HK...

I grew up there without knowing much Chinese. It's very easy and possible, esp. back when it was a colony.

Growing up in HK

I lived in Macau for over a year and now in HK. I am not sure if you can just speak canto or not at all. I can only speak it(which helps) but unfortunately cannot read or write it. That is where it is a big disadvantage. However, I find that both places now cater very well for non-speaking canto people. And more people speak english. I lived in Macau in 1991 and english was very foreign then.

At the beginning it was embarassing as I am of chinese descendent and people would tease me that I cannot read or write. Worst is when I go to restaurants esp for yumcha and don't have a xxxx clue what it says on the menu. But now, it doesn't worry me. The next generations, which most have come back from studies overseas or migrated come back with a twang when they speak. The label of "banana kid" is not fashionable anymore. I had an "acquaintance" who put me down for not being literate in canto in public....and I told her, hey your english sucks just as much as my canto....(right back at you).

My bro just moved to town and his canto is not so good. I told him to go with the flow, and don't worry if people look at you funny or smirk at you. Say something fast in english and smirk right back at them. hehehe that always get them. Anyway, mandarin is the lingo, so the challenge never stops. :lol: