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Hi, I am about to join the Hong Kong office IT department of a western investment banking firm, and I just wanted to know the general gist of working life in HK ?

Is it true that the working style in HK is really oppressive and emphasises alot more on perceived time spent at the office ? i.e. people are expected to work crazy hours and basically should never leave before the boss does etc. ?

My move to HK was not 100% up to me, and i'm just getting a bit apprehensive after hearing some horror stories from some HK locals.

Can anyone share their experiences ?

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Some friends always work late, others are out on the dot at 6 every day. Some work hard, others put in what looks like long hours - until you count the late start, long lunch break, morning cofee, afternoon tea, etc. It all depends on your company's local office culture.

I suggest you make the most of the fact that "everyone knows that foregners are odd", and stick to your own way of working. As long as you are getting the work done, who's to complain?


Re:working style in HK

I work for an investment bank and the hours can be very impressive. Basically you can work as many hours as you want, and a lot of the locals do.

Most westeners though tend to stick with 9-7. Finishing at 7 takes a lot of getting used to, but once you get in the swing of it, its not so bad. 5-7 tends to be the most productive time of day anyway because there are fewer phone calls from the outside world!

Lately I've started a new job and regularly finish round midnight. So to compensate I might leave at 6 instead if the opportunity arises. Its really a personal thing, like the other guy said if you're getting the work done who are they to complain?

Re:working style in HK

Thanks for the replies!

saltwater, do you mind me asking do you do IT type work within your company or you are involved with the financial type stuff ?

I've quite used to doing 9-5 in my current job, but i always feel that i am very productive at work. Nevertheless, I think I'll be able to brace myself for the work culture differences ... here's hoping!

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I'm involved with Global Capital markets, not the IT side. I have a lot of friends that work in IT at the same company though... if you have any questions about anything involving their worklife let me know and I'd be happy to ask them.