Part Time Domestic Helper

I'm moving to HK next month and I'm interested in a part time domestic helper to do some chores (such as washing, cleaning, ironing). I don't have that much work for a domestic helper and I value my privacy so I'm are considering hiring someone to work may be one day a week while I am at work.

I'm am not familiar with the process of hiring a domestic helper and the norms involved. Obviously if I am not present my concerns are around theft and leaving my keys to other people.

What are the common practices for having domestic helpers work while you are away especially if they only work part time.

Re:Part Time Domestic Helper

You're brave if you leave a stranger in your flat. When I had a part-time maid, I always made sure that someone I trust was in the flat when she's working. You never know what you're getting. I suppose you can be a bit more relaxed if you hire a maid through a friend. However, for the initial period, someone needs to be around to watch her!