Questions about Foreign Domestic Helper?

I operate a FDH agency in Hong Kong since 1989. Rest assure I am NOT here to advertise or solicit any business. Do feel free to sent me your questions by email or post here about employing/problem with FDH in Hong Kong and I will be glad to provide answers.

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I would like to ask that, can I apply a FDH by myslef and what is the procedures? I dont believe agency cos with bad experience.

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I think Mr Tall has hired directly: [url][/url]


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The procedure is clearly documented on the HK Immigration website so I will no further elaborate.

I can tell you somethings out of the box.

The standard waiting time, after going through the whole list of applications forms filling and procedures, is around 6 weeks. But if you have urgent need for the DH to arrive earlier, you should write in a Request For Urgent Visa Approval letter immediately after receiving the Acknowledgement Card. On the card there is a Reference Code (VCACxxxxxxx). Quote this reference number in your letter together with your reasons, contact number and photocopy of support documents, e.g. like Hospital Appointment card (if DH need to take care of sick/elderly and assist in sending them for medical review), Doctor's Slip for expected delivery due date (if you wife is about to deliver) etc.....but make sure its genuine.

Go to the Immigration department at Wanchai Level 6 to hand in personally to the officer, make sure he/she stick a 'Urgent' sticker. You should get a reply pretty soon. Unless there are any doubt to your reasons.

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Don't go to the Philippine Consulate for any application on early part of the week. Go on Wednesday or Thursday, that is when its not so crowded.

Btw, they are closed on Friday but open on Sunday.