scattering of ashes in HKG

My father spent most of his life in Hong Kong and passed away recently in Scotland.

Hong Kong was always very close to his heart and he wanted this to be his final resting place. I continue to live here (the only one from the family left here) and am therefore the person to be making the arrangements.

In November, family and friends will gather to spread his ashes at sea and I'm wondering how difficult this will be to arrange - we do not know anyone with a boat who would allow us to use it for this purpose and I'm willing to charter but I'm wondering how 'acceptable' this will be to the owners of the vessel. I do realise that technically we will be 'dumping' at sea which probably is illegal under pollution ordinances but will do it quietly in an out of the way place.

Importation of human ashes is no problem, all that has been covered.

Any advice please?

Thank you


Re:scattering of ashes in HKG

Hello Fiona,

It is good to hear from you, but very sorry to hear why you are writing.

I don't have any instant answer, but could you email a copy of this message to the General Manager at the Royal HK Yacht Club: I think he'd understand where you are coming from, and may have some ideas.

regards, MrB

Re:scattering of ashes in HKG

Mr. B....thank you so much for responding....good idea, I'm sure they've probably had something like this before

It's sad but he struggled long and hard with cancer and in the end it was a welcome release to all, especially to him.

Thanks again